Custom Cellars

Custom Cellars

The Rare Cork offers a full turn-key solution for your wine cellaring and custom bar needs.

Custom Cellars

Peg Panels

The Rare Cork modular peg panels create a premium display for your wine, combining a variety of backing panel and peg materials to suit your home interior, from contemporary matt black and soft oak, to patterned resin-stone and brass.

Cork-facing Peg Panels

available in 3-row-high configurations, with corks facing outwards and 9 bottles per panel.


Label-facing Peg Panels

available in 3-row-high configurations, with labels visible; bottles positioned 2-deep and 6 bottles per panel.

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3 Different panel options, matt black, white oak and resin stone. The resin stone comes in 3 options.

Matt Black

White Oak

Cloud Organic Resin

Onyx Ripple Resin Stone

Cloud Ripple Resin Stone


What does a custom wine cellar include?

Peg Boards

  • The Matt Black Peg Panel is with a MDF core with matt black laminate.
  • The White Oak Panel is made with a MDF core with oak veneer and solid oak edging.
  • The Resin Stone is lightweight with a semi gloss which gives the appearance of natural stone without the extra weight, with 3 options to choose from to suit your decor.

First steps…

  • Initial consultation with our sales team

  • No-obligation high level cost estimate prepared for you

Once we are appointed…

  • Full turn-key solution including design, manufacturing and installation
  • 3D design of your wine wall with our in-house Interior Designer
  • High quality bespoke crafting of your steel, timber and glass units
  • Cellar-grade glazing, LED lighting, Climate Control systems
  • On-site quality control by our in-house Project managers
  • After-sales service including service plans for your Climate Control unit
  • Direct partnerships with our select Wine Cellar management and sales partners
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