Float Wine

Cable Wine Racking Systems


Discover our Float Wine display system

The Float Wine racking system successfully manages to merge more traditional perceptions of what constitutes a “wine cellar” with the more minimalist and modern look of many of today’s design trends.

For many individuals, having the ability to display their collection of wine, whether it is small or extensive, has become a feature in their homes or businesses. This generation of homeowners has shown a newfound appreciation for drinking wine and are hoping to extend that appreciation beyond their social engagements. One way of doing this is by bringing the wine they enjoy into their homes, which more and more luxury homeowners have taken to doing.

Each floating wine rack is hand built, bespoke and made to fit your specific space or structure. Our system is the perfect choice for room dividers, under stairs, feature walls, cupboard spaces or blank walls that need a wine display. Layout options include both Cork and label facing. Unlike traditional wooden wine racking, displaying your wine on the Float Wine racking system enables you and your guests to visibly see each bottle’s label, further facilitating bottle retrieval while adding to the sophistication of your collection.